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Replica Breguet Type XX XXI XXII Watches

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3-1120, Ajmer, Rajsthan, 32222

Breguet Type XX – XXI – XXII Watches Wristwatches have a vibrant memoir in the aeronautics field, during the period of World War II which started in the year 1939. The fighters and pilots used timepieces that are wristwatches more than the pouch watches to measure everything like the flight time, munitions distances, distance to flock progress.
Taking flight with the Breguet Type XX, XXI and XXII Initially created for the French Ministry of Defence for the French Air Force, the Breguet Type XX, XXI and XXII are timekeeping devices steeped in the history of aviation-specific wristwatches.
Afterwards Breguet Type XX titanium imitation watches published the bigger Form XXI (hands on with a titanium version here) and more recently the Sort XXII (hands on here). In 2010 Breguet published a limited variant Type XX Aeronavale watch which was a gorgeous nod to the first. The 1950s was the primary age of the first Breguet Type XX.
Breguet TYPE XX – XXI – XXII watches | Slaets TYPE XX – XXI – XXII Designed in the 1950s for the French naval air army, the Type XX returns to the Breguet collection in a civilian version fitted with a self-winding movement. Breguet TYPE XX – XXI – XXII
Type XX, XXI & XXII Breguet has enjoyed an association with the aviation industry for some time, supplying the French military with the original Type XX flyback chronograph in the 1950’s. Interestingly, Breguet’s great great Grand Son, Louis Charles breguet was a pioneer in the aviation field, actually founding the company that would later become Air France.
The Breguet Type XX – XXI – XXII family of watches is a legendary collection that was conceived of in the 1950s for the French naval air army. Today, the Type XX returns to the Breguet collection in a civilian version fitted with a self-winding movement.
The Breguet Type XX was initially developed for military use and was recently re-released for commercial sale via the XX, XXI, and XXII. Its feature set focuses on sophisticated functionality with a 60-minute timing bezel, a robust case, and either a leather or a metal bracelet.
The Type XX also features a typical pilot watch dial, with a design inspired by the Type 20. It’s a tri-compax chronograph with a running second at 9, a 30min counter at 3 and a 12-hours counter at 6. The model you can see here is the ref. 3800ST ‘Aeronavale’ without date.

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