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Pets & Pet Supplies in Ajmer


“Pet shop near me” did you say? We got it. Here are the top results for your query. As a kid and a teenager, pets are like your first child, aren’t they? They quickly become a crucial part of your family. Your pet will grow up to become one of your best friends that you will make in your whole life. They will love you unconditionally and most importantly, they will never hold a grudge against you. Those are only a few things about pets that make them such great companions, and why you should take really good care of them.

Pets are hugely popular all around the world, especially among the millennials. Reports suggest that more than half of the population in their 30s have a pet, in the US. According to online surveys, over 8.5 million American households have at least one pet in their family, which means that over 65% of the US’ population own a pet. That just goes to say how integral a part pets are in human lives. Which is why when you say “pet shop near me,” we do our best to provide you with nothing but the best results for your query.

If you run or own a pet shop and want to be found online by people in Ajmer (i.e. when they search “pet shop near me”), you can post free advertisements on Izydaisy and put a word out for what you do. Posting ads on Izydaisy is fairly simple and easy, and on top of everything, it’s free. Whatever business or services you may provide, you can advertise them here without having to pay a penny. All you will be asked is your email.

Although, you have to follow certain rules when posting ads here. You can post as many ads as you wish, and for free, but there are regulations in place that make sure that all the listings stay fresh, legitimate and just. Hence, do look into our guidelines before you start posting ads here. You should also check out our Premium Features, if you wish your ad to be given priority and listed higher in their category.


Are you required to have a pet shop licence to post an ad here?

If you want to post an ad for your pet shop, then yes you are. You are required to have a pet shop licence obtained from the State Animal Welfare Board in order to advertise your business here, or to have a pet shop at all for that matter. However, if you want to just put a word out for your pet(s) for adoption, you will not be asked for any official licence. All you will require for that is your email. You can also post ads for lost/found pets on Izydaisy.


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